Culturaruba is an independent platform to share, promote and support the multiple facets of Aruban culture. The platform consists of a website and social networks, which combine content that is generated by the Culturaruba team and by enthusiastic and engaged users. Users are stimulated to participate and information is collected and shared by the publishing of editorials, biographies, essays and reviews. Cultural events and activities are visually documented in the form of photography and videography and the history and cultural heritage of Aruba are highlighted through stories, narratives, pictures and videos.

“To stimulate cultural participation through the use of multimedia to create a dynamic collective hub that brings the culture of Aruba to life through documentation, research and the exchange of information, knowledge and real experiences.”

“Culturaruba aims at informing a target audience of 14 years and up about the culture of Aruba and to stimulate participation at cultural events, thus supporting the promotion of cultural movements at large.”

In order to achieve this mission, Culturaruba thrives to remain:

  • the leading, free, information platform and promoter of cultural activities and events through an attractive and detailed activity calendar and engaging text and audiovisual content
  • a continuously updated source of reference and information in regards to historical facts and current happenings
  • a user friendly space to stimulate expression, public reviews and opinions
  • a showcase of local talent, including from different sectors, disciplines and skill levels, both current and of the past
  • a solid alliance for different organizations and individuals involved and well educated in the area of Aruban culture, to clearly and correctly inform the public.

The content available on the Culturaruba website and on associated networks will include all culturally related practices such as, but not limited to:​

  • Social and cultural columns/editorials;
  • Articles on the Aruban history, research and commentary;​
  • Information and promotion of documentaries (either containing a local theme or produced by local talent);​
  • User-generated content;​
  • And any talented artwork, artists or remarkable Aruban (short stories, poetry, photo essay, art project).​