For the Artists of Aruba

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Isn’t it pretty
To acknowledge the music that came from sunrise city
As the baseline moves you, as the kick-drum starts
It’s always the music that we play from our hearts.

It makes us free
It made us be open
It’s through music
We express our emotion

To express our inside beauty
In a unique form
It’s the love of music
Its that love that keeps us warm

Story telling or road marching
It was never for a prize
It was just a moment
A moment for the people to come alive

When the sweet melody
Touches our soul and moves our feet
This music was made to be heard and felt.
Felt in our hearts moved in the streets

Playing with passion
Playing with love
There’s no doubt in their talents
It’s a blessing from above

Each artist represents the beauty of a music
They represent a musical tone and note
Like a ship on a cool sea
They know how to rock the boat

The time has come for us to not only to thank, but also recognize your works and efforts for the
dedication you have put in for the development of music of Aruba.

We thank you.

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  1. Oh. I see you mean ‘musicians’ when you write ‘artists’. Got it.

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