Sea bunita, sea bo mes

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An evening of stars and magic in the air

On the 21st of April the event called “Sea Bunita Sea Bo Mes” took place for the third time, on this occasion, it was held at The Renaissance Conference Center. It was an evening filled with dancing, singing, modelling with the appearance of the some very VIP sparkling stars. It felt like there was overall magic in the air. Firemen helping with wheelchairs, parents excited about getting their kids ready for their outfit change and the escorts, called celebrities beamed of pride and joy of being at the center of it all.

Photo by Anuar Habibe

From Aruba to Denver

The main goal of this event according to the organizers (Mr. and Mrs. Geerman) was to create awareness of the many abilities a child with special needs has, by showing their performing skills and to raise funds in order to be ready for the special date in October in Denver. Here the Global Down Syndrome Foundation will choose a child to assist their ‘Be Beautiful, Be yourself”, which is held yearly and was the source of inspiration for the Aruban version.

According to Mrs. Geerman: “The show in Denver is only for kids with Down syndrome, but when the parents of many kids with other diagnosis such as autism, cerebral palsy among others also asked if they could participate, the organisation decided to allow them to do so. This was our way to include them as part of the event, we preach inclusion, so all of them were welcome”.

Photo by Anuar Habibe

Leading by example

Curacao was also present during the magic event in Aruba, with a participant who walked as a model. Fortunately this event was recently held for the first time on our neighboring island.  The word has been spread and the show according to Mrs. Geerman the show was a success.

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Photo’s by Anuar Habibe

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